Evidence based well risk management

To manage wells safely you need a definitive and objective means to visualise, understand and manage well risk. Our research with major and independent oil companies has uncovered common deficiencies in these areas:

  • We must be more transparent: we don’t know what wells we have and their condition.
  • We have departmental silos with different risk definitions, subjective interpretations and attitudes to risk.
  • We need to understand issues and anomalies before they become impairments and failures.
  • Wells can be shut in for months while we do risk assessments after a failure has occurred.
  • We operate wells we shouldn’t because we do not have a full understanding of well risks and assume wells are safer than they really are.
  • We need to understand risk corporately across the disciplines so that the CEO knows where the greatest risks are.
See and understand the integrity status of your wells

We have developed Empirica so that oil and gas companies can achieve these objectives:

  • Manage well risks and visualise complex integrity issues and component failures to quickly understand the integrity status of a well as it changes, and what to do about it.
  • Understand risk at well component level and for whole wells.
  • Safely contain well fluids and avoid unnecessary safety and environmental impacts with loss of production, reserves and reputation.


Understanding well risks

Understanding risks associated with all well barrier elements is a basic foundation of effective well integrity management and of Empirica. This allows you to see the full risk picture of the well. You get a clear, objectively based understanding with visibility and control of risks. You are able to unlock production compromised by well integrity issues, while protecting people, the environment and your company’s assets and reputation.

  • You manage well integrity activities and anomalies, monitor well conditions against defined operating limits and analyse integrity across the well life cycle.
  • Implement a single system across your organisation capable of meeting the demands of well and production engineers and management, up to the most senior level.
  • Advanced well failure modelling capability to define well barrier integrity, preventative maintenance and operating limit rules.
  • Objective risk based prediction to manage long-term integrity of a dynamic well stock.
  • Design elements that reduce well failure modelling time down from hundreds to just tens of man-hours.
  • Empirica combines your Well Integrity Management System with advanced well failure modelling capabilities to provide the clearest visualisation of well risk status.
  • You visualise complex integrity issues and component failures so you quickly understand the integrity status of each well, as it changes.
  • The built in KPI dashboard offers a single location where you see and track the integrity risks that threaten your well stock and organisation.
  • The Leak Test calculator streamlines and improves integrity testing processes. The Blowdown tool allows you to automatically detect and capture annulus blowdown activity information. Using the ESD tool you recognise and capture valve failures observed at unplanned shutdowns. The MAASP tool uses industry best practice to calculate, capture and update annulus operating limits.
  • You can map your company specific Well Types, Well Failure Models, corporate risk and well integrity rules into Empirica. This ensures company standards are met and existing practices are captured and can be improved upon.
  • Empirica is web-based yet capable of managing 25,000 wells in a single instance. It can be hosted in the cloud ensuring minimal IT overheads whilst retaining complete confidence that your data is secure and accessible by your staff from any computer.
  • Empirica allows integration with data sources and third party applications. This ensures, for example, that well information, production data monitoring and maintenance schedules are up to date and in hand.

Well Integrity domain experts comments about Empirica

“Your technology is the next big step in well failure visualisation and management.”

“This unique capability is well ahead of other well integrity software.”

“This is clearly different. No one has anything like this; it’s clearly a big step forward.”