Set a true course

Success can only be achieved when a clear course has been set for the team to follow. No one can anticipate every problem, but a clearly mapped course with a common goal ensures your team works together towards success.

By using Eikos you see a true picture of your company’s well delivery performance by capturing process requirements and reporting against them.

You support the development, implementation and maintenance of your well delivery process. You map existing documents and systems into a centrally managed library and create a unique copy of your process for each well.

The Project and Task views and integrated modules for Lessons Learned, Risk Assessment, Report Subscriptions, Management System library and electronic document systems integration give you powerful reporting and tracking features so that progress can be understood at every step and all levels of detail.


One version of the truth

Eikos is an ancient Greek word used more than 2,000 years ago by Aristotle to mean ‘closeness to the truth’.
Against the Gods, Peter L. Bernstein.

Your team can use Eikos to bring clarity and efficiency to well design, planning and operations. Your process will become a highly valuable asset to your organisation, providing a single version of the truth describing process and progress.

Provide assurance that corporate standards and processes are being used. A quick review of the status of project progress and/or exception reports does this. Project logs offer an in-depth audit trail of what has been completed and when.

Eikos user comments:

  • When engineers follow our well delivery process they need less management, senior engineer guidance and oversight.
  • It is difficult to use Standards documents. The ease of use and efficiency of how we do this through Eikos is great.
  • Eikos is excellent for management oversight and decision support. It makes our department look organised and creates a favourable perception of what we do.
  • We demonstrated our well delivery process in Eikos to our partners at Shell. They were gobsmacked. They said small companies typically had little or nothing to show.

By standardising your project processes you start projects quicker with the confidence that your teams have access to the correct information and that objectives are completed with accuracy. The result of a single common process improves interdepartmental communication, ensuring project disciplines are not siloed.

Eikos user comments:

  • Without Eikos engineers would use Excel with different levels of complexity and mixed results. Even if people begin with a common worksheet it will change over time and consistency is lost.
  • Before Eikos our well delivery process was more of a fire-fighting system. We were recording things on an Excel checklist and the challenge was keeping it up to date. We relied on knowing someone who knew someone else who knew where things were documented and stored.
  • Eikos provides thorough day-to-day guidance to the team. Staff cannot go off and start doing their own thing.
  • It is very useful for Subsurface and Contractor staff: they see where their work fits in and what deliverables are expected.

Using a single portal the process and information supporting a well project is easily accessible. Efficiency gains mean you can achieve more with the same team reducing pressure on project resources and staffing costs.

Eikos user comments:

  • It is a single place to go to see the status of multiple projects internationally. It saves looking in lots of places, saving management effort and time to find information, it is very powerful for this.
  • It reduces the effort required for the project team and frees up engineers’ time to do other projects more efficiently.
  • The interface is very efficient. There are many other ways to present the status of a project but I prefer Eikos. I save my own time and audience time using Eikos.
  • We have cut engineering time and resources needed to plan and deliver wells by 25% since we started using Eikos.

New staff understand your processes and can get to work on any well project quickly. With the integrated Roles and Responsibilities module who-does-what is clearly understood.

Eikos user comments:

  • Eikos is helpful in the development of new staff. After my first year in a development programme as a drilling engineer at BP I could not explain the well delivery process. Our engineers now all get our WDP from Eikos: it’s very clear.
  • Eikos describes the process well, and the timeframe. It helps new staff by educating them.
  • Eikos illustrates the big picture.

At it’s core Eikos has comprehensive content management tools and distribution functions. All the support materials for the process can be continuously updated and distributed throughout your organisation instantaneously. With the Lessons Learned module you can also take your most valuable lessons and integrate them into your process, exactly where they matter.

Eikos user comments:

  • With this simple yet very powerful tool we took the process we had and made it better. It provides a consistent and auditable way of working that helps engineers do a better job and saves supervision time.
  • A major limitation with Excel is that it cannot be used for Management of Change because it does not provide an audit record.
  • It is good to demonstrate lessons learned to our clients: it shows that we have got our act together.

Handover of project material from one team to another is key to ensuring the success of a project. Eikos simplifies handover at any stage of a project by having a single record of work done and to be done.

Eikos user comments:

  • Projects can be picked up later on and by different engineers if necessary, the work done is transferable to other engineers and engineering centres. It is good for optimising utilisation of resources in times like now where there is little operational activity.

Eikos has easy-to-understand dashboards and can produce on-demand and user-subscribed reports. Reports include Project Status Summary, Gantt Chart, RACI Chart and an Exceptions (late tasks) Report. As a result senior management can stay connected with the progress of projects without the need to log in.

Eikos user comments:

  • Senior managers love the reports function, the idea of setting up subscriptions on behalf of the Drilling Manager was very good.