Consultancy & Training

Getting started

You can easily understand and benefit from GirlingMcIntosh software with a little help from us.


Eikos Implementation

Our consultants can efficiently map your well delivery process to Eikos and if necessary help improve it, while at the same time work with your nominated expert users to bring them up to speed quickly.

  • Working one-on-one with your engineers. This can also include facilitated workshops that develop shared understanding and address differences of opinion within your team.
  • We will not impose a particular process or approach on you. Without exception Eikos licensees know how to drill wells. Though often their processes are not as complete as they and regulatory authorities need them to be.
  • This work can be started even if you have immature processes recorded in disparate systems and documents. It is never too early to get started on this to take what you’ve got and convert it into a robust working process as efficiently as possible.
  • We will help you identify and address any areas lacking detail while implementing Eikos. This will accelerate your process development efforts and improve definition, presentation and access to your process whatever its maturity level.
Peer review and approval of process preceding electronic version Electronic (Eikos) map of your process Existing documents, knowledge & informal processes Mapping introduces formality to the process

Inputs from many sources can be mapped into Eikos as an easy to understand process

Empirica Implementation

  • We help load your well risk definitions, well types, well failure model and operating limit rules, well records and integrity activities. We help set up the system to allow you to see your well integrity status clearly and manage it as safely and efficiently as possible.
  • We can help you develop a well failure model to manage the integrity of your wells. This process follows an established methodology using the knowledge of your wells and production operations experts. This method will bring you the benefits of a pre-emptive approach to well risk management.

Training and On-Going Support

For Eikos and Empirica we provide user familiarisation and training as part of our service.

You do not need extensive training to become an effective user of Eikos. Usually we train users individually at their own desk in about an hour. Training is quick because screens are clear and intuitive to use. Your Eikos System Administrator will require up to a day of training.

Empirica is a more complex system and users ordinarily go through a one day training session to understand the key functionality. Your Empirica System Administrator will require up to three days of training to become familiar with the Administration functions. We also provide one-to-one support when it is required.

On request we can help with more in-depth advanced training so you get the maximum benefit from your technology investment.

Our services include a capable and experienced support team. Whether you host your software with us, or internally, we can assist with any support issue.