Unseen Risks

Mastering well integrity is impossible if you cannot see the real risks

No oil company intentionally completes a new well designed to leak. Yet unplanned escape of hydrocarbons from wells is a serious threat to the reputation of individual companies and the industry.

Reactive attempts to manage this can lead to severe consequences whilst also destroying your revenue with shut in wells. In some cases litigation can result in financial and criminal penalties, with careers jeopardised.

Many oil companies are far from mastering well integrity risk. Engineers and management often don’t understand it and instead:

  • Can’t visualise the well risks that must be managed
  • Struggle to prioritise well integrity actions
  • Suffer from inconsistent and reactive risk assessment activities

So, when a problem occurs you are forced to react without the critical information you need to recognise and safely manage it.


Evidence based well risk management

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You can meet this challenge with Empirica

When you clearly see your risks and have a pre-formulated and well thought through plan of action you will efficiently and successfully react to well problems.

You have 360-degree visibility of your well integrity risk with Empirica. You can protect your people and physical assets, the environment and your company’s reputation as well as your production.

Industry Challenges

Project Delays<br/>& Cost Overruns

Project Delays
& Cost Overruns

If you do not change direction you may end up where you are heading

Business Cycles

Business Cycles

Issues related to staffing will be the most critical challenge we have ahead of us

Global Lost Production

Global Lost Production

Over $30 billion lost every year for well integrity reasons

Well Risk Insurance

Well Risk Insurance

Mind the gap



Tipping the balance in your favour



The hidden cost behind apparent best practices

Oversight & Regulation

Oversight & Regulation

Meeting your obligations

Unseen Risks

Unseen Risks

Mastering Well Integrity is impossible if you cannot see the real risks

Well Abandonment

Well Abandonment

Avoid a sting in the tail



We can't afford to lose reputation - even a shred of reputation