Business Cycles

“Issues related to staffing will be the most critical challenge we have ahead of us”

Alain Labastie

Cycles in the upstream oil and gas industry pose two perennial questions:

  • During a downturn, how does an organisation cut staff costs yet retain its accumulated knowledge and competence?
  • During a period of growth, how does an organisation distribute its knowledge among new recruits and maintain consistency?

Changes to the workforce cause additional business risk. You lose capacity to execute projects when key people leave. When new people are recruited you must familiarise them with the organisation’s best practices and processes.


Stated simply, we have to provide easy access to years of experience for those who are coming next. We have to put old heads on young shoulders.

Michael Heaney & John Davidson (SPE 99885)


Truth in drilling project management

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You can meet this challenge with Eikos

Your organisation is supported through every part of the business cycle with Eikos.

Eikos is used to map out your well delivery process incorporating accumulated expertise and valuable lessons learned.

You are supported by Eikos with:

  • Accumulation of expertise
  • Capture of valuable lessons learned
  • Knowledge retention during reduced operational activity
  • Capacity to expand when activity increases

Industry Challenges

Project Delays<br/>& Cost Overruns

Project Delays
& Cost Overruns

If you do not change direction you may end up where you are heading

Business Cycles

Business Cycles

Issues related to staffing will be the most critical challenge we have ahead of us

Global Lost Production

Global Lost Production

Over $30 billion lost every year for well integrity reasons

Well Risk Insurance

Well Risk Insurance

Mind the gap



Tipping the balance in your favour



The hidden cost behind apparent best practices

Oversight & Regulation

Oversight & Regulation

Meeting your obligations

Unseen Risks

Unseen Risks

Mastering Well Integrity is impossible if you cannot see the real risks

Well Abandonment

Well Abandonment

Avoid a sting in the tail



We can't afford to lose reputation - even a shred of reputation