Effective well & petroleum engineers

GirlingMcIntosh makes software applications so well and petroleum engineers are more effective. We recognise the challenges that engineers face: the need to work efficiently and without harm to people, the environment and our industry.

You get up to speed quickly, work efficiently and to high standards when you use GirlingMcIntosh software. You design, construct and manage wells to be as safe as they can be – with clear risk visibility. These benefits are critical to the health of our industry; to everyone who works in it and is served by it, not just the petroleum engineers.


Stuart Girling, Managing Director - GirlingMcIntosh

Stuart Girling, Managing Director

Well engineering and integrity specialist with experience as an oil company engineer and in oilfield services, technical consulting and software. Much of career spent in operational roles as completions and production engineer.

Founded Girling & Company and GirlingMcIntosh to offer well integrity consulting and software in well integrity and drilling project management.

LinkedIn stuart.girling@girlingmcintosh.com
John McIntosh, Operations Director - GirlingMcIntosh

John McIntosh, Operations Director

Background in drilling engineering, rig management, consultancy and software development.

Software design, development and implementation specialist. Products include Eikos (project, business process and knowledge management), Korax (well project time, cost and risk modelling) and Empirica (well integrity management and modelling).

Founder of Eikos Software Systems and GirlingMcintosh.

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